Day 2 – Exploring Haines, AK

After a lazy morning watching the sun rise and Bald Eagles from our bed, we took a short drive to Chilkoot State Park and did a 2 mile hike. The hike took us through what initially looked like a creepy forest, straight out of Lord of the Rings. Climate in southeast Alaska is considered a… Continue reading Day 2 – Exploring Haines, AK

Day 1 – Traveling to Haines, AK

We took our time getting out of Skagway as we had a 9:30 am ferry ride to Haines, AK. It was an uneventful hour ride to Skagway. We got a shuttle to get our rental car. The shuttle driver, John from Haines Shuttle, was kind enough to give us a tour of town. Once we… Continue reading Day 1 – Traveling to Haines, AK

Day 4 – Bare Loon Camp to Bennett – 4 miles

Since we only had 3 miles to go today, it was a lazy morning with a start at 8:25 am. About 15 minutes from camp the word “bear” was written on the trail twice by Frank and Kelly who had started earlier in the morning. We both immediately started singing and being very loud. Cody… Continue reading Day 4 – Bare Loon Camp to Bennett – 4 miles

Day 3 – Happy Camp to Bare Loon Lake Camp 8.5 miles

We both had a great nights sleep and after the regular chores of packing up and having breakfast, we were back on the trail at 8:10 am. We followed the glacial carved valley down towards Long Lake. The fog followed us all the way down but broke several times enough for us to get a… Continue reading Day 3 – Happy Camp to Bare Loon Lake Camp 8.5 miles

Day 2 – Sheep Camp to Happy Camp 7.5 miles

After a rain soaked night we woke up at 5am, made breakfast and were on trail at 7:11am. The trail started steeply uphill through a narrow path with lots of blueberries. Perfect bear habitat! It was slow going as Ellen did not have much energy. The fog and clouds were filling in below and seemed… Continue reading Day 2 – Sheep Camp to Happy Camp 7.5 miles

Day 1 – Dyea Trailhead to Sheep Camp, 13 miles

A long day of hiking through some amazingly lush forest. After last minute errands and breakfast, our hotel provided a shuttle to the trail for a 9 am start. Of course the obligatory trailhead sign picture had to be taken first. The trail immediately started straight uphill and then straight downhill. After this initial lung… Continue reading Day 1 – Dyea Trailhead to Sheep Camp, 13 miles

Travel days – Detroit to Skagway, AK

It’s been a long two travel days via planes, ferry boat, and Uber car. We left Detroit at 2:30 pm EST and arrived in Seattle at 4:30 PST. Long flight as we sat in the absolute last row (45) behind a family of 4 (parents, toddler in car seat by window and a 3 year… Continue reading Travel days – Detroit to Skagway, AK