Day 2 – Exploring Haines, AK

After a lazy morning watching the sun rise and Bald Eagles from our bed, we took a short drive to Chilkoot State Park and did a 2 mile hike. The hike took us through what initially looked like a creepy forest, straight out of Lord of the Rings. Climate in southeast Alaska is considered a temperate rain-forest. This was evident by the very large leafy plants by the creeks. After short 30 minutes the trail opened up to the beach of Chilkat Inlet. Across the inlet was Rainbow Glacier. We sat on a rock, had some snacks and enjoyed the view. We could have stayed there a long time. It was peaceful and relaxing.

After our hike we went back to the bungalow to get ready for our sea kayaking adventure. As luck would have it, the seas were very calm and we were the only kayakers. We basically had a private tour. Christian was our guide and he brought two other guides with us. We had a two-man kayak. After a quick 10 minute safety instructions, Christian realized that we were experienced kayakers and that is would be an easy day for him.

We went for about 1.5 miles south from our starting point to Battery Point. There also is an easy 2 mile hike to this point from Chilkat State Park. We turned around and after a few minutes we found a nice beach to walk out to a point and have lunch.

After our kayaking adventure we were hungry and it was time for dinner. We have been trying to go to the Fireweed Restaurant since we got to Haines, but every time it was closed. However, this time it was open and we were not disappointed as we enjoyed a large pizza and some local craft beer.

One of the major excursions all tourists do while in Alaska is to go to the local river to watch bears catch salmon. Since we are tourists we decided to drive to the Chilkoot River and see if we could find brown bears fishing for salmon. We spent about an hour driving up and down the road next to the river or sitting in our car waiting. The only thing we saw were fisherman in the river trying to catch salmon. The salmon were running, however, the bears apparently were not hungry and we got skunked. We went back to our bungalow to sit on or deck and watch the scenery. Another gorgeous day in Alaska.

The weir in the Chilkoot River…no bears.

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