Day 1 – Traveling to Haines, AK

We took our time getting out of Skagway as we had a 9:30 am ferry ride to Haines, AK. It was an uneventful hour ride to Skagway. We got a shuttle to get our rental car. The shuttle driver, John from Haines Shuttle, was kind enough to give us a tour of town. Once we got our rental we had about 3 hours before we could check into our bungalow. We had lots of stinky hiking clothes so of to the laundromat we went.

There were several interesting museums in Haines. One in particular, the hammer museum. This museum had over 2000 different types of hammers displayed. Who knew that there is a hammer for any task that one can think of.

We got to our bungalow (the Nest) around 3:15 pm. The bungalow was a single room, with bed, small kitchenette and an awesome view from the deck and from the bed. The rest of the day we spent exploring the area and watching Bald Eagles from our deck.

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