Day 3 – Happy Camp to Bare Loon Lake Camp 8.5 miles

We both had a great nights sleep and after the regular chores of packing up and having breakfast, we were back on the trail at 8:10 am. We followed the glacial carved valley down towards Long Lake. The fog followed us all the way down but broke several times enough for us to get a good look at Long Lake.

As we approached Deep Lake we heard a big rumble in the distance and saw a small rock slide. We had agreed to hike through the recent bear warning zone with Eric and Mary-Jill plus Cody and his dog Emma. There was a habituated bear in this area and it was recommended to hike in groups of 4 or more. However, we soon separated and all hiked in our two-some.

As we hiked along the shore of Deep Lake there were more relics including what was left of a boat. The lake emptied into a beautiful deep gorge with roaring rapids.

After the gorge we saw a beautiful green lake – Lindenman Lake. We met up with Erick and Mary-Jill at upper Lindenman Camp and had lunch together. In the shelter we picked up our certificate of completing the Chilkoot trail.

Lindeman Lake
Cody and Emma
Eric and Mary-Jill

Just after Lindenman Lake there was a side trail leading up to an old cemetery and a plaque honoring Bruce Harvey a past superintendent of historic parks.

The day turned out to be beautiful as the sun came out. We finished the last 3 miles of the day in the sun. After setting up camp it was time for a swim. The water was refreshing and everyone was heckled who did not go for a swim. It was the theme of camp: one must swim in order to stay at Bare Loon camp. Everyone with the exception of two people jumped in the lake.

The evening again was spent socializing. The discussion turned to having a lazy morning since there were only 4 miles until Bennett and the end of the trail. We were again in bed at hiker midnight – 8:15 pm.

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