Travel days – Detroit to Skagway, AK

It’s been a long two travel days via planes, ferry boat, and Uber car. We left Detroit at 2:30 pm EST and arrived in Seattle at 4:30 PST. Long flight as we sat in the absolute last row (45) behind a family of 4 (parents, toddler in car seat by window and a 3 year old “lap child”) … hmmm. They were fine the first half of the flight as they slept but then the screaming/crying started … not fun. We could not wait to get off that plane.

A four hour layover provided plenty of opportunity to visit every nook and cranny of SeaTac Airport and find a surprisingly tasty dinner. We finally left SeaTac around 8:45 pm PST and after a 2 hour flight arrived in Juneau at 9:50 pm Alaska time. Yes, we gained another hour. Our bodies thought it was 1:50 am EST.

Juneau is actually in a coastal rainforest but has been very hot and dry this past month. The cold and falling rain was a welcome sight to the locals … but not us. We got a cab to our Airbnb and crashed.

The next day we were up before 5 am. Our Uber driver took us to catch the 7 am ferry to Skagway.

The ferry boat M/V Tazlina is new for 2019 and took us up the inside passage of Alaska past some beautiful coastline which highlighted a few glaciers and waterfalls.

It was a cloudy misty day but still beautiful. The clouds hung low covering the tops of the mountains. We were both tired and took naps on the ferry.

Before we got to Skagway there was a stop on Haines. For the 2 hour layover in Haines, Ellen was entertained by watching people drive their RVs down the ramp and into the ferry. Those with trailers had to back down the ramp and then make a hard left turn to park.

We made it Skagway around 2:30 pm and as we are walking towards our Airbnb Ellen spotted a couple of soccer friends. What a small world!

After checking in with the park services and our Airbnb – the historic Skagway Inn we did some errands, packed our packs, went back to the ranger for the obligatory orientation which included a 13 minute video of how to coexist with bears, found dinner and explored town. We were in bed before 9 pm. We are ready to go!

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