Day 22 (7/25) – Outpost camp to Whitney Portal

Miles hiked today: 3.7

Total miles hiked: 245.1

Drive to Ellen’s parents house: 5 hours.

Looking back at Mt. Whitney

Since we only had 3.7 miles to go we took our sweet time in the morning. We made it to Whitney Portal by 9:45 am and Jeff wanted breakfast. Ellen forgot to tell him what Whitney Portal is famous for serving.

We are done! We are both very elated to have complete the JMT and a little sad that our trail life is over. We really got used to being on the trail. Life is very simple: you carry everything you need on your back and just walk. One foot in front of the other and keep going.

Thank you for reading our blog and joining us virtually on our journey. We will have a post JMT reflection page in the near future.

– Jeff and Ellen

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