Day 19 (7/22) – Site mile 184.3 to Tyndall frog ponds

JMT mile 194.8

Miles hiked today: 10.5

Total miles: 218.3

Site elevation: 11,041’

Another epic day!!!! We kind of got a late start (8:05 am) because we were trying to dry out a little from yesterday’s rain.

Today’s goal was to get over Forester pass before noon and then make our way to Tyndall creek. First order of business was to cross Bubbs creek. No problem – just a rock hop.

We were camped only 4.9 miles from the pass. However, the trail was all straight up as usual and a long and hard climb. But we got into “Sherpa steps” mode and we were on top at 11:45 am!

One wonders who came up with the path to go over this pass. The final climb on both sides are basically carved out of the mountain.

Large boulders and broken rubble are only tenuously clinging to the mountain. One person died in 1950 building this crazy trail. There is a memorial on the south side.

It was totally awesome being on top of another pass that we both have seen only in pictures.

The “chute” was unbelievable! Don’t know how people can cross this pass that is covered with snow. Nuts!!!

Trail is just below the patch of snow

As has been the case the past few days, the storm clouds started to build again around 1 pm. It felt like we were being chased down the mountain by the rain and thunder just behind us.

We hiked as quickly as we could to get out from the wide open space and into the trees for cover. Luckily it didn’t start to rain until we set up camp and were cozy.

The last hurdle before camp was to cross Tyndall creek. Instead of crossing at the main crossing we crossed about 100’ upstream by rock hopping (our new favorite sport) without getting our feet wet.

Dry and cozy in our tent now. It is hard to believe we’ll be staring us at Mt Whitney tomorrow.

⁃ Jeff and Ellen

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