Day 18 (7/21) – Onion Valley TH to Site mile 184.3

JMT mile 184.3

Miles hiked today: 7 non-JMT + 4.3 = 11.3

Total miles: 184.3 +23.5=207.8

Site elevation: 10,460’

After a leisurely morning at the Bed and Breakfast (and another dose of “real food”) we caught our ride from town to the trailhead. We hit the trail just before 9 am and reached Kearsarge Pass just after 12 pm. We were feeling rejuvenated and marched right on up.

Top of Kearsarge pass looking towards Bullfrog lake

Then it was downhill and back to the JMT. We had lunch at Bullfrog Lake to get some extra energy.

As per usual afternoon in the Sierras – the sky grew dark and by 2:30 pm it was starting to drizzle as we were approaching Bubbs Creek.

We wanted to get as close as possible to our next and final pass (short of Mt Whitney). We found a campsite about 5 miles from the summit of Forester Pass.

After we set up the tent and crawled in to warm up from being damp from the rain, we heard a rumble across the river. It was a rock slide! All the rain loosened some rocks. It was pretty loud and went on for about 10 seconds.

Once the rain subsided a bit we got out of our tent and made dinner. Yummy Mac & cheese for Ellen and Chicken Teriyaki for Jeff.

Tomorrow is a big day – our last pass. 😢

⁃ Jeff and Ellen

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