Day 8 (7/11) – Purple Lake to site at mile 83.9

JMT mile 83.9

Miles today: 11.7

Total miles: 92.9

Site elevation: 9,746’

Another epic day. We left camp around 7:30 am and sort of agreed to meet Ken and Jolene at Silver lake for evening.

The day started of course with a steep climb out of Purple Lake toward Lake Virginia. We made great time and as expected, Lake Virginia is beautiful. See pics below.

Then it was time for the long descent into Tully Hole. As we were descending Jeff decided to collect a picture of every different flower we’ve seen in the Sierras. Tully Hole is a beautiful valley with cascading Fish Creek. We stopped and had lunch and soaked our feet in the cold creek.

We then made a left turn to tackle Silver Pass. It was a long 4.3 mile steep climb. We made great time and at 3 pm we were on top of the pass.

Snow field on top of Silver Pass
Jeff rock hopping one of many creeks

Since it was early yet we decided to continue farther down the valley past Silver Pass Lake. We found a nice spot along a creek. As we were making our way down the pass the skies opened up and it started to rain.

At camp we both took baths in a nice spot in the creek. We now are “clean”. Sorry no bathing pics.

Another awesome day on the JMT.

-Jeff and Ellen

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