Day 7 (7/10) – Reds Meadows Resort to Purple Lake

JMT mile: 72.5

Total miles: 79.5

Miles hiked: 13.3

Site elevation: 9,850’

The day started a little later than usual. We got back on the trail around 8 am. We said so long to our small trail family in hopes of seeing them later on the trail.

Climbing out of Reds Meadow

The trail was a long slow ascent towards Duck Lake. It was again hot and there was no available water between Deer creek and Duck Lake – 6 Miles. We kept leapfrogging with Ken and Jolene.

Our trail family

The day was pretty much uneventful except for a long dry section … and discovering that both Ken and Jeff love Spam!

We made it to Purple Lake around 7 pm and then realized we did 13.3 miles today! New high mileage day for all of us.

Still at enjoying the JMT.

⁃ Jeff and Ellen

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