Day 17 (7/20) – Bullfrog lake / Kearsarge jct to Onion Valley TH

JMT mile 180.1

Miles hiked today: 7 non-JMT

It is resupply day! We packed up camp at our usual time and made it to the top of Kearsarge Pass (11,700’) around 9:15 am. Pretty good timing.

Then it was time for the long hike down to te Onion Valley trail head. We were late for our shuttle to Independence so we made some friends on our way down.

The trail always provides – our new friends offered to give us a ride from the trail head to Independence.

They dropped us off at the post office where we picked up our two boxes of resupplies.

Then time to decide on what to do next: resupply at a table in the sun at a gas station or get a hotel room. Guess what we picked?

To the Winnedumah Bed and Breakfast we went for a shower, laundry in the bear canister, figure out our food for the rest of the trip, and update this blog.

We stopped at taco truck at an abandoned gas station for a yummy burrito. Basically the only game in town.

Tomorrow it’s back to the trail but today was a “nero” (hiked less than 10 miles).

We just realized that after we get back to the JMT we only have 31 miles to go until the top of Mt. Whitney!!!!!

Rejuvenated and ready to hit the trail again tomorrow!

⁃ Jeff and Ellen

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