Day 16 (7/19) – Woods creek bridge to Bullfrog lake / Kearsarge jct.

JMT mile 180.1

Miles hiked today: 11.8

Total miles: 188.1

Site elevation: 10,370’

Today’s game plan was to get as close to the Kearsarge Trail Junction as possible. We left Woodscreek bridge around 7:35 am. It was a slow uphill climb to some of the signature lakes on the JMT: Rae Lakes basin. We had lunch at the upper lake right before the climb over Glen Pass. The lakes were gorgeous and impossibly clear!

The final climb up the pass was only 1.9 miles, however it was very steep. We practiced our energy conserving “Sherpa steps” and made good time and got to the top of Glen Pass (11,948’) at 3 pm. We kept moving right down the other side since there were thunderstorms closing in on us.

By this time we only had 2.3 miles to the Kearsarge junction and set up camp there around 5:15 pm. We set up camp but then the rain started while we were eating dinner and we were treated to several awesome rainbows over the mountains!

Interesting note: we met some “trail angels” as we were going up the pass. They are called the Senor Muir’s Taco Hut. These people take all the ingredients to make tacos from scratch plus beer to some remote spot along the PCT/JMT and offer beer and tacos to through-hikers. We missed hem by a few hours! So bummed.

Sitting dry and cozy now in our tent while it’s raining.

⁃ Jeff and Ellen

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