Day 15 (7/18) – Site at mile 156.5 to Woods creek bridge

JMT mile 168.3

Miles hiked today: 11.8

Total miles: 175.3

Site elevation: 8,550’

We got started what seems to be our usual time of around 7:30 am. Right out of the gate it was time to cross the infamous the South Forks Kings river and it got our adrenaline pumping immediately! We crossed over on a pretty sketchy log. Ellen froze about halfway for about 10 seconds and then made it across fine. During Jeff’s crossing his shoelace got caught and he almost lost his balance.

After we both calmed down it was time to climb up to Bench Lake then another long 3.5 miles to the top of Pinchot pass (12, 050’). We finally made it to the top at 11:30 am. It was really slow going as both of us were feeling sluggish.

Then it was time to go down to the Woods Creek Suspension Bridge. This was the longest, hardest downhill trail section yet. It was rocky, steep, gravelly, and down right hard. Our feet were like hamburger and knees aching. Glad we didn’t have to go up hill on this trail! We made it to camp around 5:17 pm.

The bridge itself is pretty cool. A suspension bridge that bounces so much only one person is allowed on the bridge at a time.

The bridge is somewhat of a crossroads and a popular place to camp so no isolation tonight. We found a spot for our tent that was actually on the path for stock crossing the river. Oops!

Another “ground hog day” has ended. Goodnight!

⁃ Jeff and Ellen

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