Day 11 (7/14) – MTR CG to mile 119.1s

JMT mile 119.1

Miles hiked: 10.5 including 1.5 from MTR

Elevation: 9,534’

Today was a day of climbing. We didn’t get the miles in that we wanted, but we listened to our bodies and our feet said enough for the day. However it was one of the most beautiful trail sections and water everywhere.

As we walked out of MTR we found that Ken and Jolene had arrived late around 7:30 pm last night and set up camp trail side. We exchanged contact info as they weren’t sure how far they might continue on.

The first part of the day we followed the South Fork of the San Joaquin river. It was absolutely gorgeous but all up hill.

Along the trail there is John Muir rock. It’s a rock dedicated to the men who built the JMT and inscribed with the date of 1917.

We thought it would be a quick climb to Evolution Valley, but instead it turned into a 2 hour lung busting climb. However the reward was totally worth it. First we saw Evolution Waterfalls and the valley. A big meadow that is cut by Evolution creek. We crossed at the alternate crossing which was pretty easy.

We then continued on and found a campsite next to the river. A real pretty site. We leapfrogged with Joep and Luuk today but we think they are only about 2 or 3 miles ahead.

Tired feet but thoroughly enjoying the experience.

-Jeff and Ellen

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