Day 10 (7/13) – Site mile 96.3 to Muir Trail Ranch

JMT mile: 108.8

Miles hiked today: 12.5 + 1.5 to MTR

Elevation: 7,734’

Another milestone type day. After somewhat drying out we got a later start than usual. There were several big water crossings today – the notorious Bear Creek crossings. All four of us (Luuk, Joep, Ellen and Jeff) decided to stick together for these crossings. The first three crossing required boots off. The current was pretty strong but we all made it across safely. The last crossing was easier.

Then it was the climb up Selden Pass. Not too bad of a climb but still steep up. The views from both sides were spectacular.

After the pass it was time to get to Muir Trail Ranch for our resupply before they closed at 5 pm. Good thing it was all down hill … the bad thing was that this does not bode well for Ellen’s knee. We got going and made the 6 mile trek down and got to MTR at 4:53 pm.

We found Joep and Luuk already at MTR and decided to camp together near the river.

Since not all of our food and toiletries could fit in or bear boxes, the boys found another way to keep critters from our stuff.

Sore and tired feet but having a great time!

-Jeff and Ellen

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