Day 6 (7/9) – site at 47.9 to Reds Meadow Resort.

JMT mile: 59.2

Total miles: 67.2

We broke camp pretty early with showers and burgers on our minds. From our camp it was straight down to Shadow lake and then a straight climb up to Rosalie Lake and up again to Gladys lake. But we felt good and made great time.

Shadow Lake

Then it was the very long slog down to Devil’s Postpile and Reds Meadow Resort. About halfway down Ellen’s knee decided it had enough and locked up. After a few minutes she was able to continue very slowly. About that time we ran into a couple we had met earlier at Rosalie Lake. Jolene offered up an elastic sleeve for Ellen’s knee. It helped a lot and we made it down the long grade.

About two miles further we encountered our first official “take off your boots” stream crossing. It was easy and very refreshing.

However the last 4 miles to the Reds Meadow was very hot , dusty and boring. It seemed to take forever. We finally made it there around 3:30 pm. Time for double cheeseburgers, showers and grab our resupply box.

Ellen hopped a shuttle, took a trolly, hitched a ride, and took the shuttle again to make a 3 hour round trip into Mammoth Lakes to get a better knee brace.

There is still a little smoke in the air from the Lions fire nearby but that is nearly contained and will not impact our journey.

Update on the Dutch boys (Joep and Luuk) we met in Little Yosemite valley….they made it here as well! Along with Ken and Jolene we now have the start of our own little trail family.

Glad to be alive and enjoying the great outdoors with some awesome people.

⁃ Jeff and Ellen

FYI; we will not be able to update for the next 12 days when we get to Independence.

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