Day 1 – Happy Isles to Little Yosemite Valley.

JMT mile: 4.5

Total miles: 4.5 + 8 = 12.5 Miles

Camp elevation: 6,122’

Wow what a gorgeous day! We left camp at 6:15 am and hike 1 mile to get to the trail head. After repeating part of yesterday’s Mist Trail we were now on the JMT proper. Wow was it steep! The entire day was spend going uphill. The day was hot and dry but beautiful! We crossed a foot bridge at the top of Nevada Falls and then it was onto our campsite in Little Yosemite Valley.

After setting up camp and eating lunch we set out for the 7 mile round trip to Half Dome. We gained another 2,700’ in altitude in 3.5 miles – it was steep. The climb up the subdome was carved right out of the mountain. Someone spend lots of time building steps- it was straight up!

Then it was time to climb the famous cables. Ellen made it about half way up and then decided to go back down. She was tired and could not see herself going through the almost vertical slippery section. However Jeff continued on and made it to the top then back down safely.

Jeff on the cables coming down.

We made it back to camp around 6:30pm just in time for a swim in the river to get our stink off. Then dinner and bed.

Awesome day in Yosemite!

⁃ Jeff and Ellen

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